Billy The Kid


Auction Winner: Mark

Closing Price: $10,000.00

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breed:Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse
listedBy:Krissy Asher
location:Mount Vernon KY
marking:See pics
contact:Krissy Asher: 931-652-9890

Billy the Kid is his name and he may not be the fastest horse in the west but boy he sure is FUN!! First of all, if you are looking for that lazy, kick along all day horse, Billy is not the horse for you. But, if you like a fun horse that likes to move out and is SMOOTH SMOOTH SMOOTH, keep reading!!

Billy is a 9 yr old Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse gelding that stands 15hh and has the body of a draft cross. I mean, this guy is STOUT!! Billy came from a lady in eastern Kentucky who trail rode Billy all over and even hauled him to multiple long distance endurance rides and did great. Billy has nice manners and handles like a dream. He isn’t any trouble to clip, bathe or groom. He tacks up easily and stands to mount. Like I said earlier, Billy is forward but a very controllable forward. He will walk if asked but LOVES to move on out. He is like one of these new vehicles with the 8-10 speed transmissions. He can do about any gait at any speed. He will walk and shake down low, slow rack and really move out racking up to 15-16 mph and everything in between. Billy isn’t spooky and will ride out with or without company. He is very confident and LOVES his job! He does prefer to lead but will ride in the middle or back of a group. Billy is great on the trails and we have had him camping 4 or 5 times since being here. Dillion and I are always fussing about who gets to ride him because you can’t beat him on the trail. Billy will go anywhere and can go all day and never run out of gas, which means you don’t get worn out from kicking and pedaling on an all day ride. He will cross any type of water, fallen trees and slippery rocks. He is traffic and ATV safe and great around other livestock and wildlife. If you are looking for a horse you can have a ball of fun with and look good doing it, Billy the Kid may be just the horse for you!! Please feel free to call or text with any questions. :)


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Bidding History

Jenny bid $5,500.00

7:42 pm - Jun, 5, 2021 CST Timezone

charris bid $5,400.00

7:42 pm - Jun, 5, 2021 CST Timezone

Jenny bid $5,200.00

6:06 am - Jun, 5, 2021 CST Timezone

Linda bid $5,000.00

6:06 am - Jun, 5, 2021 CST Timezone

Jenny bid $4,950.00

6:06 am - Jun, 5, 2021 CST Timezone

Linda bid $4,700.00

5:54 am - Jun, 5, 2021 CST Timezone

Jenny bid $4,400.00

5:49 am - Jun, 5, 2021 CST Timezone

Linda bid $4,200.00

5:39 am - Jun, 5, 2021 CST Timezone

Jenny bid $3,900.00

12:53 pm - Jun, 3, 2021 CST Timezone

charris bid $3,500.00

7:18 pm - Jun, 2, 2021 CST Timezone

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