Flame Daddy


Post Auction Sale: $7,500.00

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breed:Spotted Saddle Horse
listedBy:Krissy Asher
location:4 Oaks Farm (Mt Vernon KY)
color:Sorrel/White Tobiano
height:15 hh
marking:See pics
contact:Krissy Asher 931-652-9890

I would like to introduce everyone to one of the best young horses we have ever owned and my absolute favorite, Flame Daddy!! We have had Flame for the last year and a half and he has been my personal horse. We have done absolutely EVERYTHING with him from trail riding all over, showing him at many many shows, giving lessons, and even loaned him out to a friend of ours for a couple months to trail ride and use in field trials. He is the most willing and confident horse you will ever swing a leg across. Dillion and I have had some knock down drag outs about who was going to get to ride him when we would go camping because he has the BEST trail gait EVER and you will never have to worry about him getting hung up or refusing to go somewhere. I promise you can give him his head and he will safely take you down the side of a rock mountain and then dig in and pull up to the top. My favorite memory with him was last October. We were riding with the kids at Big South Fork for a Halloween ride. We were supposed to be on easy “kid friendly” trails... Well, our friend made a wrong turn and it got ROUGH!!! Haley (our youngest daughter)s pony got tore up when the going to tough on the way down the mountainside and showed his butt. Well, I had Dillion walk Haley over the hill and Flame and I did a "Man from Snowy River" move and drug that pony down off the side of thqt mountain!

Like I said earlier, we have shown Flame multiple multiple times. He is a 2 time Spotted Saddle Horse Spring Country Pleasure Champion and has had several other first and second place ties. He has a SUPER smooth flat walk and running walk where he will shake his head with every stride. My dad hasn’t shown a horse since the 90’s and he was so eager and happy that his first ride back in the ring was with Flame. Flame also has one of the smoothest lopes you will ever sit. He will one step lope out of a walk! He has a great handle as well. He neck reins around like a Quarter Horse and will back the length of a barn if asked.

Flame is very easy to catch, handles quietly and is easy to groom, clip and bathe. He ground ties, ties out, stands on a picket line and is quiet in the cross ties. He is very easy to saddle and bridle and stands dead still to mount from the ground or from anything you can find to use as a mounting block. Flame rides off like a 20 year old horse, head down on a loose rein. Like I said earlier, he will go anywhere you ask. He is great in traffic and around ATVs. He crosses all types of water, slippery rocks and fallen trees and is safe around livestock and wildlife. If you are looking for the best all around horse out there and definitely the best trail horse, you may need to get a little heat from Flame Daddy!!

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Bidding History

GlitterPony bid $6,600.00

12:55 am - Aug, 8, 2021 CST Timezone

Todd bid $6,400.00

12:54 am - Aug, 8, 2021 CST Timezone

GlitterPony bid $6,200.00

12:54 am - Aug, 8, 2021 CST Timezone

Todd bid $5,900.00

12:53 am - Aug, 8, 2021 CST Timezone

Checkers bid $5,700.00

10:46 pm - Aug, 7, 2021 CST Timezone

Cc bid $5,500.00

1:53 pm - Aug, 7, 2021 CST Timezone

Checkers bid $5,300.00

1:53 am - Aug, 7, 2021 CST Timezone

etrackon bid $5,100.00

10:30 pm - Aug, 6, 2021 CST Timezone

Checkers bid $5,100.00

10:30 pm - Aug, 6, 2021 CST Timezone

etrackon bid $4,900.00

8:07 pm - Aug, 6, 2021 CST Timezone

Cc bid $4,700.00

1:50 am - Aug, 4, 2021 CST Timezone

Checkers bid $4,500.00

11:59 pm - Jul, 24, 2021 CST Timezone

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