Miss Spring Fling W.


Auction Winner: trailsrus

Closing Price: $4,700.00

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breed:Missouri Foxtrotter
listedBy:Patterson Properties
location:Wichita Falls Tx
marking:See pics
contact:Zara Enloe 870-480-7347

Meet Miss Spring Fling W.!!

This CUTE Missouri Foxtrotter mare is a super sweet, "in your pocket" type of horse and she is always the one that is first to the gate to meet and greet. Spring is not only exceptionally smooth and athletic, but she is one solid, dependable trail horse. As you can see in her video, she is fabulous in traffic, and was quite the trooper on the week long wagon train trip that we took her on a couple of months ago. She is very sensible and user friendly and will go wherever you point her! She will ride out alone or in a group with no problem. She has lovely ground manners, and is just super easy to get along with in general. Spring is a super pretty mare with a super pleasant attitude that will be a super trail partner for pretty much anyone. For more info, give us a call or text!

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Bidding History

trailsrus bid $4,700.00

2:19 pm - Sep, 27, 2021 CST Timezone

K.Lima bid $4,500.00

3:35 am - Sep, 21, 2021 CST Timezone

trailsrus bid $4,300.00

3:35 am - Sep, 21, 2021 CST Timezone

K.Lima bid $4,100.00

6:17 pm - Sep, 20, 2021 CST Timezone

Pat bid $3,900.00

6:17 pm - Sep, 20, 2021 CST Timezone

K.Lima bid $3,700.00

6:00 pm - Sep, 20, 2021 CST Timezone

Pat bid $3,500.00

5:34 pm - Sep, 20, 2021 CST Timezone

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