Auction Winner: Weezer

Closing Price: $12,000.00

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breed:Draft Cross (Percheron/Quarter Horse)
listedBy:Renee Turner
location:Pylesville MD
height:15.3 hh
marking:See pics
contact:Renee Turner 610-806-2613

“Noah” is a 4yr old, 15.3hh, Perch/QH cross gelding. Slow, steady, and as pretty as they come, Noah is an amazing all around horse! He is a sweet old soul, whom craves a gentle hand and loves his person. Noah is a gentleman to work around and doesn’t act like a young horse. He has no bad habits in the barn, and he goes out in the pasture quietly with a mixed herd. He is an independent fella and doesn’t get attached to other horses. He stands in the cross ties to be groomed, tacked, etc. He is good for vet, farrier, and loads and trailers well.

Noah rides english, western, and bareback. He has lovely, uphill, comfortable gaits.

On the trails Noah will lead, follow, go alone, or in groups. He is a steady eddy type of guy and just does what is asked of him. He rides on the buckle, and will cross water, logs, rocks, and other obstacles. He doesn’t mind dogs trailing along side of him, and he is safe with bikers and traffic.

In the ring, Noah will walk, trot, canter, and pop over fences. I would consider him to be on the “whoa” side, but no need for a crop or spurs. He will ride around quietly on the buckle in all gaits. Noah has been out cross country schooling and he was a total rockstar! This boy is an all around honest, and kind horse. He means to please, and has a soft, reserved type of personality. At this age, Noah is ready to head in absolutely any direction in life. For further information please reach out !

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